Rochefort to La Rochelle

Rochefort to La Rochelle, The second day of cycling in the cold and wet. Great cycle paths, The specialized diverge was going well but I was struggling. It was time to taste some french patisseries. 

Cycling South America

That moment when you say "yes" to a crazy idea. What was once an idea, now started to take on the shape of reality. It was the beginning of March when I was presented with the idea to cycle across South America. I had just come off another three month tour and was already looking for the next big thing. This trip would be demanding. We'd be dealing with language barrier, poverty, and extreme weather conditions. From the time I said yes to this grand adventure, I knew it would be like nothing I had experienced before.

Some fields outside the Turkish city of Izmir... Vehicle lights shine directly at my tent, no problem, there's a road nearby its just a vehicle passing by. The lights don't dim. Voices. More lights. Some words are shouted through the walls of my tent in Turkish. I unzip the canvas, the only barrier between me and whoever was outside. I poke my head out and my first sight is several sub machine guns.

...but we have bikes

Mother to 3 residing in Orange County, Ca who can take any challenge and make it happen, or at least give it a good try. Love my kids and living the simple life we share as we ride life's adventures together.

5 triathlon podiums, 1 ultramarathon podium